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Total Healthcare Naturally is a naturopathic clinic, established in Mackay in 2003. The name is derived from the old English term for medicine that comes from nature. Although nature provides most of the answers, Total Healthcare Naturally's methods draw on the most up to date scientific innovations and studies to support and encourage healing in each person to achieve their health goals.

About Lisa McLean
Lisa has been working in the health industry for 30 years, firstly as a registered nurse in the intensive care and coronary care speciality. This led to her interest in preventative medicine,and turn paved the path to Naturopathic medicine. Lisa now runs a dynamic and progressive Naturopathic clinic in Mackay, after spending most of her formative years living, practicing and lecturing in Sydney.

Lisa's success as a naturopath is due to her ability to meet you where you are on your journey, then with great care and wisdom, gently guide you towards and onto a path of health and vitality. She draws on a vast body of knowledge to promote your individual understanding of your own state of health, whilst allowing you to learn and experience your journey at a pace that suits you.

Professional Qualifications

  • Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy
  • Diploma of Nutrition
  • Diploma of Remedial massage
  • Diploma of Bowen therapy
  • Certificate in Biomesotherapy
  • Certificate in workplace training and assessment
  • Certificate in cellular health analysis
  • State Registered Nurse
  • Critical Care Nursing certificate

Lisa McLean is a corporate presenter and writer, doing regular seminars and articles for the community.

Professional Associations

Lisa is also a professional member of Australia's leading Natural Health Associations ATMS and APHRA

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