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Meal Plan – Personalised

Personalised 7 Day Meal Plan

At Total Healthcare Naturally, we believe that proper nutrition is the cornerstone of vibrant health and wellbeing. As such, we are thrilled to introduce our Personalised Meal Planning service, meticulously designed by our resident naturopath and nutritionist to address your individual health and dietary goals.

This service starts with you completing a comprehensive questionnaire to help us understand your unique needs, lifestyle, food preferences, and health goals. It’s an essential step that allows us to tailor a meal plan that best suits you.

Post completion of the questionnaire, a 10-minute phone or Zoom consultation with our highly skilled naturopath – nutritionist is scheduled. This consult aims to further refine your preferences and needs, ensuring the meal plan is not only nutritionally balanced but also practical and appealing to you.

Our practitioner then curates a personalised 7-day meal plan, integrating their extensive knowledge of food’s therapeutic properties with your unique dietary needs. The meal plan is not just a list of meals; it’s a roadmap towards achieving your health goals, carefully crafted to integrate seamlessly into your lifestyle.

Your Personalised Meal Plan will be delivered within 5 working days, in a convenient digital format, enabling you to download and print it as per your preference.

We’ve priced this extensive and personalised service at $180. It’s an investment in your health and wellness, and we guarantee its value will reflect in the enhancement of your overall wellbeing.

Unlock the power of nutrition and embrace a healthier lifestyle with our Personalised Meal Planning service. Start your journey with us today and discover the transformative power of food!

For any queries, or to book a consultation, feel free to contact us. Let’s embark on this journey towards optimum health, together!

Please note: This service is not intended as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Always seek advice from your healthcare provider.

Menopause Meal Plan

Introducing our 7-Day Menopause Meal Plan – a comprehensive, delicious, and nutritious solution designed to support your health and alleviate symptoms during menopause. Carefully crafted by our experts at Total Healthcare Naturally, this meal plan includes 3 wholesome meals and 3 satisfying snacks per day, 31 mouthwatering recipes, a convenient shopping list, and a detailed nutritional analysis for each meal and daily nutrient totals.

Our Menopause Support Meal Plan targets five essential nutrients to help you transition gracefully through menopause:

  1. Calcium & Magnesium: To maintain healthy bones and prevent bone loss, we’ve included foods rich in these bone-building minerals.
  2. Phytoestrogens: Combat hot flashes with an array of phytoestrogen-containing foods like tempeh, broccoli, carrots, and sesame seeds.
  3. Low Glycemic Foods: Manage blood sugar levels and weight with low glycemic foods, free from added sugars.
  4. Protein: Prevent muscle loss and support a healthy weight with 20% of your daily calories coming from high-quality protein sources.
  5. Healthy Fats: Reduce the risk of heart disease and breast cancer with omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids found in avocado, extra virgin olive oil, trout, and chia seeds.

Empower yourself during menopause with our thoughtfully crafted 7-Day Menopause Meal Plan. Experience improved health, reduced symptoms, and enjoy delicious, satisfying meals designed with your well-being in mind. Order your meal plan today and start your journey to a more balanced, vibrant life during menopause!

A nourishing 7-Day meal plan for symptom relief and empowerment.

Menopause Meal Plan

Plant Based

A nourishing 7-Day meal plan for symptom relief and empowerment.

ADHD Meal Plan

ADHD Nourishment 7-Day Meal Plan for Attention Support and Wholesome Eating

Personalised Meal Plans are available to through consultation

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A personalised and evidence-based approach to helping you discover how you became sick and what we can do to restore optimal health.

Discovering the Cause

Identifying the cause of your illness or disease is the first step to resolution. We spend the first Naturopathic consultation discovering the underlying drivers to your ill health. There are questions from me, that dig deep into how you came to experiencing your symptoms. It’s also a time for you to understand the interconnectedness of your body and environment. Learn how your mind, body, thoughts, emotions, and external environment influence your health.

Personalised Prescription

Your treatment plan may include prescriptions of high-quality practitioner-grade nutritional or herbal supplements. These are the best way to promote healing and retore balance at a cellular level. These prescriptions are fluid. Meaning they’ll most likely change as time progresses and your body heals. It’s the reason why I structure fortnightly appointments for the first three. My goal is to help you achieve optimal health, without having to rely on supplements forever. But they provide essential support to heal your body.


The initial Naturopathic consultation will include simple dietary modification. My goal is to simplify the process. This helps you achieve progressive goals, moving you closer to achieving optimal health. Be empowered, encouraged, and guided every step of the way.


Functional testing may be recommended at some stage of your treatment. These tests help to identify specific imbalances, deficiencies, or reactivity states. I always discuss the recommended testing with you, ensuring the test is clinically relevant and beneficial to your health plan.

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