Nutritional Medicine with Lisa McLean

“The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patients in the area of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention
of disease.”

~ Thomas Edison

What is Nutritional Medicine

Do you experience bloating, bowel changes, low energy, poor sleep, or skin reactions?

These may be the result of nutritional imbalances, oxidative stress or toxicity.

Environmental factors are also major contributors to these imbalances. Consider the consumption of processed foods, toxicity in our workplace or home or even the overuse of antibiotics and pharmaceutical medications. These all play a role in influencing or driving ill health. As are the internal factors such as our biochemistry, metabolism, anatomy, and genetics.

Nutritional medicine addresses the effects of nutrition and the environment on your health. Additionally changes to gut flora or intestinal permeability directly impact nutrient status, resulting in poor nutrient uptake and reduced capacity to detoxify. This generally marks the onset of physical symptoms.

How I Work as a Nutritionist

My approach to naturopathic medicine is grounded in compassion and understanding of the whole person, including the various influences on their state of health. As I listen to my patients tell their medical and health history, I seek to identify how they came to be feeling the way they do. At times this can be a complex path into poor health and disease. Yet at others it might be a simple process to re-establish balance and health. I am always guided by the evidence based complimentary medicine best suited to promote the healing response needed for the patient. 

As a Nutritionist I analyse the contributing factors and investigate your diet and nutritional intake. From here I develop a holistic treatment plan. This plan combines dietary modifications to replenish your nutrient status. It may also include high quality nutritional supplements to better support your healing.

My goal for you is to have you feeling improvements within the first week. This strengthens your body to progress through a longer-term treatment plan. Leading to a healthier and happier you.

Treatment Plan

Your results matter, so time will be spent helping you understand what each aspect of your treatment means and how it all connects to ensure you achieve optimal health in a timely manner.

Your personalised treatment plan will combine simple dietary and lifestyle modifications, and high quality clinically effective supplements. These are recommended to speed up your healing.

I aim to have you noticing improvements within the first week. This renewed vitality paves the way for the deeper work that is often required. Each day your body builds strength to progress through the longer-term treatment plan, ensuring you achieve optimal health.

Ongoing Support

Your initial appointment is an hour in duration. I will use this time to understand you and your personal illness or health concerns. To do this there will be a series of questions, delving in to unravel the root cause of your poor health.

From here I tailor a personal treatment plan, and support you throughout.

A 30-minute follow-up Naturopathic consultation occurs a fortnight from the initial appointment. This session will assess your progress and address deeper issues which may include further functional testing.

Your 3rd Naturopathic consultation will usually be between 2-4 weeks after the 2nd.

I will guide, educate, and support your recovery every step of the way. Change is always possible when you know how. With your new awareness and self-compassion you’ll have a fresh appreciation of how amazing your body is. Equipped with your diet and lifestyle toolkit you can remain on this path to a vibrant and healthy you.

A personalised and evidence-based approach to helping you discover how you became sick and what we can do to restore optimal health.

Discovering the Cause

Identifying the cause of your illness or disease is the first step to resolution. We spend the first Naturopathic consultation discovering the underlying drivers to your ill health. There are questions from me, that dig deep into how you came to experiencing your symptoms. It’s also a time for you to understand the interconnectedness of your body and environment. Learn how your mind, body, thoughts, emotions, and external environment influence your health.

Personalised Prescription

Your treatment plan may include prescriptions of high-quality practitioner-grade nutritional or herbal supplements. These are the best way to promote healing and retore balance at a cellular level. These prescriptions are fluid. Meaning they’ll most likely change as time progresses and your body heals. It’s the reason why I structure fortnightly appointments for the first three. My goal is to help you achieve optimal health, without having to rely on supplements forever. But they provide essential support to heal your body.


The initial Naturopathic consultation will include simple dietary modification. My goal is to simplify the process. This helps you achieve progressive goals, moving you closer to achieving optimal health. Be empowered, encouraged, and guided every step of the way.


Functional testing may be recommended at some stage of your treatment. These tests help to identify specific imbalances, deficiencies, or reactivity states. I always discuss the recommended testing with you, ensuring the test is clinically relevant and beneficial to your health plan.

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