Healthy Eating Meal Plan

7-Day Healthy Eating Meal Plan: Dive into a week of transformative dining with this expertly curated meal plan. Designed by Clinical Naturopath and Nutritionist, Lisa McLean, this guide marries nutrition with gourmet tastes. From morning brews to evening feasts, find the perfect balance of healthful ingredients, gluten-free delights, and flavourful dishes. A holistic approach to wellness, one meal at a time.”

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Healthy Eating Meal Plan

Nourish Your Body, Satisfy Your Palate


Unlock the secrets of truly nourishing food with this Healthy Eating Meal Plan, professionally curated by Clinical Naturopath and Nutritionist, Lisa McLean. This plan is perfect if you are wanting to reset your eating habits and develop a healthy relationship and interest in food.


  1. Expertly Curated: Lisa McLean, with her profound expertise in naturopathy and nutrition, provides a meal plan that bridges the gap between healthful nutrition and culinary delight.
  2. Adaptable Dining: With the unique "Evening Snack Box" concept, you’re introduced to alternative dinner options, granting the flexibility to diversify your evening meals based on your mood and cravings.
  3. Gluten-Free Guidance: Elevate your wellness by switching to gluten-free alternatives without compromising taste. This small step can lead to improved digestion and reduced inflammation.
  4. Holistic Balance: The plan not only offers variety but emphasizes the non-negotiable essentials—daily servings of fish, fruits, and vegetables to ensure a rounded nutritional intake.
  5. Therapeutic Herbal Infusions: Beyond solid foods, embrace the healing world of herbal teas. Whether for energy, focus, or relaxation, there's a brew tailored for every moment of your day.
  6. Diverse Menu: Ranging from 'Toast with almond butter and blueberries' to 'Salmon and rice bowl', this meal plan has been designed to satiate both, your health goals and gourmet desires.
  7. Includes: 40 recipes and shopping lists
  8. Digital Ease: With the convenience of a digital format, your path to wellness is always within reach, be it during grocery shopping or meal prepping at home.

In the realm of health and nutrition, it’s not just about eating right—it’s about enjoying what you eat, while ensuring it serves your body's needs. With Lisa McLean's Healthy Eating Meal Plan, embark on a journey that will get you loving healthy food.

Invest in your health, relish every bite, and let your meals be the milestones on your journey to optimal well-being.


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