Japanese Gomasio Blend 30gm

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Spice Alchemy Sri Lankan Dahl Curry Blend (30gm): Transport your tastebuds to Sri Lanka! Craft a flavourful Dahl curry effortlessly in just 20 minutes with our expertly blended spices

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Spice Alchemy Japanese Gomasio Blend: A Macrobiotic Marvel from Japan

Transport your palate to the Land of the Rising Sun with our Gomasio Blend, an authentic Japanese condiment with macrobiotic roots. Traditionally, Gomasio has been cherished in Japanese households for its ability to add depth and flavor with a touch of healthful balance.

Unique Flavour Profile:
With our Gomasio Blend, every sprinkle unveils a harmonious dance of tastes and textures:

  • Sesame Seeds: Toasty and nutty, these seeds form the heart of the Gomasio.
  • Sea Salt: Balancing the richness of sesame with its sharp, mineral-rich notes.
  • Sichuan Peppers: Offering a tantalizing hint of citrusy warmth.
  • Peppercorn: Lending a mild, underlying heat to the blend.
  • Kashmiri Chilli Flakes: Bestowing a gentle kick without overpowering the senses.
  • Nori - Porphyra Yezonensis: Adding a subtle umami undertone, reminiscent of the vast oceans.

Versatile Sprinkle for Everyday Delights:
While Gomasio traditionally adorns rice, its adaptability knows no bounds. Use it as a finishing touch on soups, salads, vegetables, or even popcorn. It seamlessly melds into various dishes, uplifting them with its distinct flavor.

Health Meets Flavour:
Rooted in the macrobiotic diet, this condiment is believed to aid in alkalizing the body and supplying essential minerals. But the beauty of our Gomasio Blend lies in its ability to marry wellness with unmatched taste.

Discover the essence of Japanese cuisine and holistic living, right in the comfort of your kitchen with Spice Alchemy's Japanese Gomasio Blend. Experience not just a condiment, but a centuries-old tradition with every pinch."

The chef and Naturopath behind this blend is Lisa McLean. She is locally renowned for her cooking skills and ability to create wholesome meals with wholefood ingredients. She firmly believes in food as medicine. Lisa has grown up embracing Asian cuisine and learnt the art of creating the perfect curry from a young age. She runs hugely popular Cooking Masterclasses, which are sold out well in advance. If you're in Mackay or headed up there and would like to experience a cooking class at it's finest, reserve your seat at www.thecookingnaturopath.com


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Sesame seeds, Sea salt, Sichuan peppers, Peppercorn, Chilli flakes – Kashmiri, Nori -Porphyra Yezonensis


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