Health Programs

Transform Your Health with Our Tailored Meal Plans – Plan to Eat Well

Menopause Makeover Program

Menopause can be a beautiful time in youf life, once you know how to keeps everything in balance.

Reset your Diet Program

Sleep quality is more important than quantity.

Perimenopause Program

With viruses and infections so common it’s important to support and pormote healthy immune function.

These Health Reset Programs are available in-person or online. 

1 Nott Street, East Mackay

Naturopathic, Herbal and Nutritional Medicine, and Functional Testing available here.

76 Willetts Rd, Mackay

(within the Mater Private Medical Suites)

Naturopathic, Nutritional Medicine, and Functional Testing available here.

A personalised and evidence-based approach to helping you discover how you became sick and what we can do to restore optimal health.

Discovering the Cause

Identifying the cause of your illness or disease is the first step to resolution. We spend the first Naturopathic consultation discovering the underlying drivers to your ill health. There are questions from me, that dig deep into how you came to experiencing your symptoms. It’s also a time for you to understand the interconnectedness of your body and environment. Learn how your mind, body, thoughts, emotions, and external environment influence your health.

Personalised Prescription

Your treatment plan may include prescriptions of high-quality practitioner-grade nutritional or herbal supplements. These are the best way to promote healing and retore balance at a cellular level. These prescriptions are fluid. Meaning they’ll most likely change as time progresses and your body heals. It’s the reason why I structure fortnightly appointments for the first three. My goal is to help you achieve optimal health, without having to rely on supplements forever. But they provide essential support to heal your body.


The initial Naturopathic consultation will include simple dietary modification. My goal is to simplify the process. This helps you achieve progressive goals, moving you closer to achieving optimal health. Be empowered, encouraged, and guided every step of the way.


Functional testing may be recommended at some stage of your treatment. These tests help to identify specific imbalances, deficiencies, or reactivity states. I always discuss the recommended testing with you, ensuring the test is clinically relevant and beneficial to your health plan.

Begin your journey to health here.

It's the first step to a new and happier you.

My evidence-based approach to Naturopathic Medicine gives you access to the latest cutting-edge research and treatment options.

Invest in your health today and live a fuller life, just the way you imagined. Change is possible.