Specialised Diagonostic Laboratory Testing…

At Total Healthcare Naturally, we know the use of appropriate testing such as blood, urine, saliva or stool testing can provide important information to assist us in forming a more complete picture of your health. We use the professional services of Healthscope Pathology for most of the testing we order in this clinic.

Biocard Celiac test

The Biocard Celiac Test is an accurate finger tip blood test.
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Candida Rapid Test

The Candida Rapid Test is a fast, accurate & affordable way to diagnose vaginal candidiasis in females. It can accurately detect Candida antigens almost instantaneously.
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Food Sensitivity Profiles

IgG Food Sensitivity testing interpreted in relation to a case history and other test results, is an efficient and reliable method for diagnosing individuals with adverse reactions to food.
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Gastro Intestinal Tract Testing

Gastro Intestinal Tract Testing is a non-invasive test providing invaluable information for the patient and practitioner in terms of understanding the role of poor digestive function in disease states
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Hormone Testing - Blood, Saliva and Urine

These three tests are designed to test for an inbalance of certain hormones. By examining the levels of hormones in the body, illness or disfunction can be detected and treated.
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Metabolic Profiles

A fasting serum amino acid test can identify current amino acid status and any existing imbalances. Results can be utilised in the design of specific replacement therapy, aimed at restoring balance where necessary.
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Nutritional Profiles

By profiling your dietary habits and testing your mineral levels, a nutritional solution can be establish for certain condition.
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Oxidative Stress Analysis

With increasing environmental toxin exposure and insufficient antioxidant status, we areat greater risk of cellular free radical damage. By taking an Oxidative Stree Analysis, prevention of certain diseases can be achieved.
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