This wound Healing Smoothie will support wound healing for new and chronic wounds.
Pineapple 1 medium slice
Spinach 1 cup
Vaalia Probiotic yoghurt 100 gms
Strawberries 1 cup
Walnuts 14 halves
Banana 1 medium
Hemp seeds 3 Tbs
Flaxseed oil 1 Tbs
Milk 1 cup
Extra water and ice as needed

This smoothie will make a large drink you can drink throughout the day. It provides all of the nutrients you need for wound healing and more.

Protein for wound healing
omega-3 for wound healing

Nutrient analysis of specific wound healing nutrients per recipe.

Protein 31 gm
Carbohydrate 82 gm
Vitamin C 159.1 mg
Vitamin A 369 IU
Vitamin B 2 0.8 mg
Iron 5.3 mg
Magnesium 366.5 mg
Zinc 5.4 mg
Omega 3 oils 13017 mg
Omega 6 oils 1.69
Tryptophan 296 mg
Glutamic acid 4919 mg
Copper 1.3 mg
Selenium 12.6 mcg
Calcium 573 mg

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